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April 30, 2008

Report of Software Update for "RTR-50 for Windows"

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RTR-50 for Windows has been updated.

This update program (from here referred to as "this program”) for “RTR-50 for Windows” corrects known operational problems. We ask that our customers using RTR-50 download this program and update as directed.

The software version will be updated from Ver 1.10(EU) to Ver 1.20(EU).


  • The following functions have been added: Saving Monitoring Data to a file / SMTP authentication in the "Send Warning Report Mail Settings".
  • This revision is for the following device:RVR-52A.
  • Revised to make compatible with Windows Vista.
  • A problem was fixed whereby when using RVR-52/52A, in some cases the notification of warnings did not operate properly.
  • Revised to display a list that shows all registered e-mail addresses by clicking the downward arrow in the E-mail address input box in the [Add Recipient Address] window.
  • A problem was fixed whereby when values which contained decimal points were entered in Fahrenheit (°F) .in the "Upper / Lower Limits" in the [Monitoring] window, a 0.1 was added to or subtracted from the original value.
  • Modification was made to the time displayed in the [Communication Status] window to show how long it takes to complete the downloading of data via wireless communication.
  • Modification was made to the decimal conversion display of "Current Data" displayed in Fahrenheit (°F) during "Monitoring".
  • Revised so that the Unit of Temperature, both Celsius and Fahrenheit, is shown properly in all Warning Report Mail.
  • Revised to delete the [Language Pack Installation] dialog box which appeared when opening a received mail to show that Japanese font installation was required.
  • Modifications were made to the unit settings function in the "Warning Settings" of the [Monitoring] window.
  • The term "Relay Unit" has been changed to "Repeater".
  • RTR-5 Adjustment Module was changed.



By downloading and running the update program to carry out updating, the Mail and Auto-Download settings which were made in an earlier version will be initialized.
Please write a note to memorize the settings beforehand and make the settings again after the update installation has been completed.
If this update program is installed in the same folder where the prior version of RTR-50 for Windows was installed, it is not necessary to re-register the Remote Unit info.
If it is installed in a different folder, please use the Save Registration File function to save the Remote Unit info in the application.

Installation Procedure

Please follow these procedures to install [RTR-50 for Windows Ver.1.20(EU)]
  • Open file [rtr50_eu_120_inst.exe].
  • Follow instructions in Set up Program.
  • [RTR-50 for Windows] will automatically be installed on the Hard Disk.

The newest update program for this application.

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