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September 10, 2007

Report of Software Defect for "Voltage Recorder for Windows Ver.3.10(E)"

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A defect has been found in our software [Voltage Recorder for Windows Ver.3.10(E)]. Please read the following for details about the problem and the solution.

We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience or trouble this may have caused. We highly recommend that you download this program and update the software as directed.

Details about the Problem

VR-71 Application

We have found that when “Voltage Recorder for Windows” is being used in conjunction with a USB-Serial conversion adaptor to download data from a VR-71, in some rare instances sections of the data is duplicated and downloaded.
When this malfunction occurs, the order of the data becomes mixed up and it is not possible to download a complete set of data.

Solution Details

  • The update program released here will repair this defect.
  • The software version will be updated from Ver. 3.10 to Ver. 3.11.
  • Under [Tools]-[Scale/Unit Conversion], the problem was fixed where in the possible selections the unit “Ohm” had appeared garbled, it now appears correctly.
  • Under [Tools]-[Scale/Unit Conversion], the unit "ppm" has been added to the set of possible selections.

Installation and Updating Procedure

  • Please double click on the downloaded file [voltage_win_311_E.exe].
  • Uninstall “Voltage Recorder for Windows”.
  • Once again please double click [voltage_win_311_E.exe] to start the installation. Specify the destination folder for the decompressed file, and continue the installation by following the directions as they appear.
  • The updated version of “Voltage Recorder for Windows” will be automatically installed to your hard disk.

The newest update program for this application.

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