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April 16, 2007

Report of Software Update for TR-71W/72W

[Information on the site of old]

Release of Auto-Download Software adds New Functionality.

By using this update program, not only will new functionality be added but also known problems will be corrected. For users of TR-71W/72W Temp/Humidity Data Loggers please download this program and carry out the updating.

Added Functions

Auto-Download Function has been added.

Improvements and Corrections

[ Internal Software (script) Update Ver 1.03E ]

The following functions have been added or corrected:
  • Script has been added in order to make use of TR71W/72W Auto-Download Tools.
  • A change has been made to the naming of files whereby the original file name for recorded data downloaded from a browser had been [TR7W-number 0-9.trx] is now [TR7W- month, date, year, hour, minute, second .trx] or [TR7W- date, month, year, hour, second .trx].
  • Previously when one channel was in warning status and another channel also entered warning status the sending of a warning mail for the second was impossible; this has been made possible.
  • A fix has been added to stop the LCD from returning to the default settings when recording was started from the Web Viewer.
  • The content of the battery power warning mail has been corrected.
  • The method of temperature display in warning mail has been changed.
  • Because text was jumbled:(°F) has been changed to (degF)

[Firmware Update Ver 01.10.00]

The following corrections have been made:
  • A fix has been added to alleviate the problem whereby after having used for some amount of time, warning mails could no longer be sent.
  • The problem whereby communication via wireless LAN would become faulty has been resolved.

Updating Procedure

This program actually contains two types of update programs, one to update the TR-71W/72W firmware and the other to update the main unit internal software (script). Both of these updates must be installed for the TR-71W/72W Logger to operate properly, make sure that both update programs are properly installed.
[Firmware Update]
  • After the download file has been decompressed, the update program [TR7W Update (04/2007)] will automatically open and appear in the display.
  • After the update program [TR7W Update (04/2007)] has been displayed, enter the address (IP address or Domain Name) in the [Address] text box for the TR-71W/72W Logger that is to be updated and in the [Login ID] and [Password] test boxes enter the registered Administrator ID and Password.
  • After confirming that entries are all correct, click the [Firmware Update] button.

    Once the button has been clicked, the firmware update will automatically be carried out for the target TR-71W/72W.

    Please note that when using Windows XP SP2, Vista or above, the following Security Alert may appear. If it does, click the [Unblock (U)] button to turn off the Windows firewall.
  • The firmware update should take about 1 to 2 minutes to be completed.

    When the message, [Firmware Update was completed] appears, the firmware update has been successfully completed. Without closing the current display, please move on to the next step below [Main Unit Internal software Update].
[Main Unit Internal Software Update]
  • After the firmware update has been completed, carry out the Main Unit Internal Software (Script) Update.

    Without quitting the already opened update program [TR7W Update (04/2007)], click on the [Script Update] button

    Upon clicking the button, the same text boxes and entries for [Address], [Login ID] and [Password] that appeared when carrying out the firmware update will appear; make sure that the entries are correct.
  • Please note that when using Windows XP SP2, Vista or above, the following Security Alert may appear. If it does, click the [Unblock (U)] button to turn off the Windows firewall.
  • The script update should take about 1 to 2 minutes to be completed.

    When the message [Script Update was completed] appears, the internal software (script) update has been successfully completed.

Procedure for making sure that the update has been successfully completed.

After the update program has been completed, we suggest that you check to confirm that it has been updated properly.

Please carry out the following procedure to confirm successful updating.
  • Open your Internet browser, and enter the TR-71W / 72W URL (web site address) (*1) to view the web site.
  • In the Menu at the top, click [Administrator Tools], enter the proper Login ID and Password (*2) to login to the Administrator Menu.
  • After logging in to the Administration Menu, from the left menu, click on [Properties] to view the data logger properties.
  • After having clicked Properties, the following display will appear. (*3)
If under the word Properties, [System Version Ver.1.03E(01.10.00)] appears, the update has been successful.

(Click the display to enlarge)

*1 The TR-71W/72W URL (web site address) will differ depending upon the type of network you are using. Check to confirm the IP address or domain name that has been set for the logger.

*2 Please enter the Administrator User ID and Login Password that you set after purchasing .

If you have forgotten or lost these, please see the TR-71W/72W User’s Manual for how to reset the logger and carry out those instructions.Please take notice that if you must reset the logger, all settings will be returned to the factory default settings and all recorded data will be lost. Note that the updated firmware and script will not be reset.

*3 Depending on the TR-71W/72W settings and the user environment, the [Properties] page display and settings shown here may differ from your actual [Properties] page display and settings.


What should I do if the updating stops while in progress?
  • If the updating stops while in progress, and the update program does not proceed for more than 5 minutes, quit the program by either clicking the [Close] button in the update program [TR7W Update (04/2007)] or click the [ x ] button in the top right corner.
  • Restart the Update Program [TR7W Update (04/2007)]. In the update program folder, [TR7W_FSUD200704], click on [FirmScriptUD.exe] to start the update program.
  • After the update program [TR7W Update (04/2007)] has restarted, carry out the update procedure as described above.
  • If after restarting the update program and carrying out the procedure again, the update does still not work properly, please contact you local T&D representative.

The newest update program for this application.

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