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April 16, 2007

Internal Software Update Information for Network-Dedicated Wireless Base Station RTR-5W

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An error has been discovered whereby if a large number of Remote Units (40 or more) have been registered to an RTR-5W, there is a possibility that when trying to view current readings in the browser the error message “No Recorded Data” will appear.
We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience or trouble this may have caused.
In an attempt to solve this problem we have released a patch program in an updated version on our website. Please use this to update the unit’s internal software program.

Environment in which problem occurs

RTR-5W      internal software Ver 1.2 or a prior version

Situation in which problem occurs

The error occurs when a large number of Remote Units (40 or more) have been registered to an RTR-5W and current readings are being viewed in the browser. There occurs a possibility that the error message “No Recorded Data” will appear.


A defect in the RTR-5W internal software program.


Please follow directions to use the RTR-5W Internal Software Update, Ver 1.21, released here to solve this problem.

Installing the Software Update

1. Installation Procedure

Download the Software Update to a Folder
Click on “SUD5W121E.exe” to start the installation.
Download the Software Update from the bottom of this page.

2. Caution before Updating

Make sure that the RTR-5W into which you wish to install the update and the computer into which you open the Software Update are connected to the same local LAN network.
The update cannot be carried out on RTR-5W which are connected to an external LAN via a router.
  • The Software Update can only be used with “Windows 2000”, “Windows XP” or above.
  • During the update installation, do not carry out any changes to RTR-5W settings or any data downloading.
  • During the updating process, make sure not to turn off the RTR-5W electrical power.The Logger may not continue to work properly.
  • If an error occurs during the updating process, please try a few more times.If an error continues to occur, restart the RTR-5W.

3. Updating Procedure

In the folder in which you saved the compressed software update, double click on “SUD5W121E.exe” to open the update program.Once the update program has been executed, the [Script-Update] display as seen below will appear. Enter the RTR-5W address, Login ID, and Password, then click [Script-Update].
When using Windows XP SP2 or above, the following Security Alert may appear. If it does, click [Unblock].
When the message [Update was completed] appears, the update has been successfully installed.
There is no need to restart a RTR-5W after the update installation has been completed.

If during the updating process, there is a pause of more than a minute, click the [Close] button to close the update program and try again from the beginning.

The newest update program for this application.

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