TR-7W for Windows
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Software TR-7W for Windows
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TR-7W for Windows has been specifically designed for use only with TR-71W/72W, allowing you to control all settings, data downloading and graph creation, as well as other functions.
TR-7W Series
Version 1.04
* This software includes the following
- TR-7W Settings Utility Ver.1.02(E)
- Temperature/Humidity Graph Ver.1.63(E)
Release Date August 31, 2010
Compatible OS (*1)
Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 8 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit (SP1 or later)
Display Languages (*2)
(*1) For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.
(*2) We recommend using an operating system in the same language as the display language. Operation in different language is not guaranteed.
Installing the Software
Please follow these procedures to install TR-7W for Windows.

1. Double-click the update package to extract it to your hard drive.
2. Follow instructions in Set up Program.
3. TR-7W for Windows will automatically be installed on the Hard Disk.
Summary of Changes
Version 1.04
- Revised to make compatible with 64-bit Windows 7.
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