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RTR-500W for Windows is the exclusive software for carrying out settings and managing data for the RTR-500NW/AW. It includes the following four applications: RTR-500W Settings Utility , Temperature/Humidity Graph, Adjustment Tools, and Data Downloading Tools.
RTR-500NW/AW, RTR-500 Series, RTR-601
* RTR-601 is available for US only.
Version 1.46(US)
Release Date November 24, 2015
Compatible OS (*1)
Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 8 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit (SP1 or later)
Display Languages (*2)
English, Spanish, Portuguese(Brazil)
* Parts of the software and documentation are in English.
(*1) For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.
(*2) We recommend using an operating system in the same language as the display language. Operation in different language is not guaranteed.
Installing the Software
Please follow these procedures to install RTR-500W for Windows

1. Double-click the update package to extract it to your hard drive.
2. Follow instructions in Set up Program.
3. RTR-500W for Windows will automatically be installed on the Hard Disk.
Summary of Changes
Version 1.46 (EU/US): November 2015
- When downloading recorded data from the [Download Recorded Data] menu, the TRZ file is now created using the time zone setting of the RTR-500W. That is, the same time zone setting used by the RTR-500W for Automatic Downloading and Sending of Recorded Data.

Version 1.45 (EU/US): October 2014
- The Properties display for the "Auto Calibration" function in RTR-576 was changed.

Version 1.44 (US): February 2014
- A problem was fixed in the RTR-500W Settings Utility, where the recording could not be started for RTR-500 Series Remote Units when an RTR-601 has been registered as a Remote Unit.

Version 1.43 (EU/US): December 2013
- A change has been made to enable selection of the conditions for warning transmission.
- A change has been made to enable selection of the conditions for warning with contact output.
* The RTR-500W for Windows version 1.43 needs to be used in combination with the RTR-500NW/AW Firmware version 2.30 or later.

Version 1.42 (EU/US): July 2013
- The "Auto-Sending of Recorded Data" function can now be set using a specific time interval as well as setting specific dates and times.
* The RTR-500W for Windows version 1.42 needs to be used in combination with the RTR-500NW/AW Firmware version 2.10 or later.

Version 1.41 (EU/US): April 2013
- Applications are now started through an application launcher.

Version 1.40 (EU/US): October 2012
- Made compatible with the RTR-507 and RTR-576.
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