TR-5S Series - Compact Waterproof Temperature Data Logger

TR-5S Series
Our new TR-5S is based on our popular user-friendly Thermo Recorder series but now when used in conjunction with our new Communication Port TR-50U it is possible to take full advantage of a host of new functions.
Ideal for measuring and recording temperature in normal outdoor conditions as well as harsher frozen environments, frozen storage and high humidity situations. The compact design makes it no problem to place almost anywhere.
T&D’s TR-71U/72U/73U and TR-51S/52S have been tested for electro-magnetic radiation and confirmed to comply with the requirement of RTCA DO-160E, Section 21: Emission of Radio Frequency Energy.
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Communication Interfaces
Application Examples
Discontinued examples
* Managing temperature in cool and frozen transportation and storage
* Managing temperature in concrete production
* Performance testing of heat resistant paints
* Monitoring temperature during food transportation
* Performance testing of air conditioning equipment
* Recording temperature of instrumentation and machinery
What is "RTCA DO-160E, Section 21"?
RTCA stands for "Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics", a not-for-profit corporation formed to advance the art and science of aviation and aviation electronic systems for the benefit of the public, helps to develop standards to assure the safety and reliability of all airborne equipment. (

The "DO-160E", published by RTCA, is widely used as a standard for environmental qualification testing to show compliance with appropriate airworthiness requirements. "Section 21 of DO-160E" concerns the "Emission of Radio Frequency Energy". The tests in this section are performed to determine that the device does not emit radio frequency interference in excess of the specified limits. Every carry-on electronic device must comply with radio frequency emission and susceptibility guidelines outlined in "Section 21 of the RTCA DO-160E" document, whether it flies in the passenger cabin or cargo hold. The "DO-160E" is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a de facto for international standard "ISO-7137".