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New Wireless Data Loggers with Bluetooth low energy: TR4 Series

Date Issued: January 11, 2017

T&D announces the release of the new Bluetooth Data Logger TR4 Series, which features automatic collection of temperature data from loggers to your iOS/Android device via Bluetooth.
By using our dedicated apps on your mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth low energy), the loggers within communication range are automatically detected and ready for communication. We offer one app for real-time monitoring of changing data, and another app for one-step uploading of recorded data to T&D WebStorage Service*.
With Bluetooth technology, logger communication and data management have never been easier.

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* T&D WebStorage Service is a free cloud-based service provided by T&D Corporation.



(Temp 1ch)
(Temp 1ch)
(Temp 1ch)
Sensor Thermistor (Internal) Thermistor (External) Thermocouple K, J, T, S
Temperature Measurement Range (°C) -40 to 80 -60 to 155 -199 to 1700
Waterproof Capacity IP67 IP64 -

Release Date

Jan. 11 2017 (for Europe)