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Announcing the Release of "T&D Data Server"

Date Issued: April 16, 2015

T&D Corporation has released a new server application "T&D Data Server" for the TR-7wf/nw Series Data Loggers.
Instead of uploading recorded data to our cloud service "T&D WebStorage Service", data can be sent over an internal network such as an intranet and stored on a local PC.
The PC on which "T&D Data Server" has been installed can act as a server which receives and stores data recorded by TR-7wf/nw series data loggers to the user-specified folders.

Compatible Devices

TR-71wf, TR-72wf:Versions 1.05 or later*
TR-71nw, TR-72nw:Versions 1.00 or later

* If your TR-71wf or TR-72wf has firmware "Ver. 1.04" or lower, please update to the newest version by using "TR-7wf Firmware Update Tool" from the link below.

Download T&D Data Server

Download TR-71wf/72wf Firmware Update Tool