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Announcing the Release of our New Handy Wireless Data Collector RTR-500DC!

Date Issued: February 15, 2011

T&D is proud to announce the release of our new RTR-500DC (US FCC approved model) in February 2011.

The RTR-500DC is a user-friendly wireless communication Data Collector designed for hand-held portability.
By carrying out wireless communication with Data Loggers, it is possible to start and stop recording and collect data from loggers placed in remote locations without having to manually gather them. The recorded data can then be easily displayed in graph form in the LCD display of the RTR-500DC, enabling the immediate on-the-spot checking of continually-changing data.
(EU model will be available in late March 2011)

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Data Collector RTR-500DC Unit
Compatible Devices Remote Unit: RTR-501 / 502 / 503, RTR-501L / 502L / 503L, RTR-574
Repeater: RTR-500
Wireless Communication
Downloading and Saving Recorded Data, Monitoring Current Readings and Remote Unit Status (Warning Monitoring), Starting and Stopping Remote Unit Recording,
Checking Signal Strength for Communication with Remote Unit
RTR-500DC Operations
Changing Unit of Temperature, LCD Backlight, LCD Contrast, Checking Memory, Button Sound, Checking Battery Power,
Auto Power Off Function (if the Unit is not used for three minutes)
Types of Warning Monitoring Upper Limit / Lower Limit Exceeded
Upper Limit / Lower Limit Exceeded for Cumulative Illuminance and Cumulative Amount of UV Light (RTR-574)
Power AAA Alkaline Battery x 2
* AAA Ni-MH batteries, AC adaptor (option AD-0638 or AD-0638-C), or USB bus power may also be used.
Battery Life Expected battery life for 2 AAA alkaline batteries:
 Monitoring: 96 hours of continuous use
   For communication without Repeater(s) at 60 second intervals
 Checking Signal Strength: 32 hours of continuous use
 Downloading Data: 730 consecutive sessions
   Via wireless communication (When downloading RTR-501 at full storage capacity / without Repeater(s) / LCD backlight Off )
*Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the measuring environment, the frequency of communication, and the ambient temperature in which it is used.
Communication Interfaces With PC: USB Communication: 38,400bps
With Remote Unit: Wireless Communication
Optical Communication: 2,400bps (Remote Units excluding RTR-574)
Cable Communication: 19,200bps (RTR-574)

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