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Announcing the release of a Beta Version of "T&D Graph"

Date Issued: September 22, 2010

We are pleased to announce the release of "T&D Graph"; our newly designed software for viewing and managing recorded data from our data loggers.

This application is being released as a Beta Version (preliminary version). Only use after agreeing to the disclaimers on the download page.


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T&D Graph has been designed as a user friendly software which brings users even more effective tools for the management and analysis of data recorded by T&D Data Loggers. It contains a variety of useful functions including the ability to read and merge multiple data files and display recorded data in graph and/or list form. It is also possible to apply a few new features such as the inserting of shapes and posting comments and/or memos on a displayed graph, as well as, directly read your recorded data stored in our T&D WebStorage Service.

Since this application is being released as a Beta version and is not a formal release, we strongly recommend making a backup of all recorded data files to be used in the application.

Download T&D Graph