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Announcing Free Trial Version of "RTR-5W VLD for Windows"

Date Issued: January 07, 2009

T&D Corporation is proud to announce a FREE trial version of its powerful new secure software for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant applications, "RTR-5W VLD for Windows".
This trial version allows you to try and test all the features and functions of the actual product for SEVEN days absolutely free of charge.
"RTR-5W VLD for Windows” is a new version of our trusted and user friendly “RTR-5W VLD for Windows” redesigned to comply with the standards for electric record keeping set out in FDA 21 CFR Part 11. New security features making use of User IDs and Passwords provide protection of records from tampering and total control over operations including creating user restrictions. These features coupled with the added archival functions such as an Operations History File (Audit Trail) create a new standard in Data Management and Data Protection.


For details about more features and functions of "RTR-5W VLD for Windows", see here.

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Installation Procedure

Please follow these procedures to install "RTR-5W VLD for Windows (Trial)".

  1. Open the file [app_vld5w-trial.exe].
  2. Follow the directions to install.
  3. After installation has been completed, "RTR-5W VLD for Windows (Trial)" will be registered in Windows’ [Start] Menu.

User ID and Password

Upon opening the application, the [Login] dialog will appear. Enter a valid User ID and Password, and click [OK] to login. The default settings for User ID and Password are as follows: "User ID: admin / Password: passwd".
User ID and Password (User Registration) settings can be made in [User Management Tools]. Note, however, that only the Administrator (User ID: admin) can enter and login to [User Management Tools].

Download RTR-5W VLD for Windows (Trial)