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About WPA2 Vulnerability (KRACKs)

Date Issued: November 02, 2017

It has been reported that a newly discovered vulnerability known as “KRACKs (Key Reinstallation AttaCKs)” affects the wireless security protocol WPA2.
The effects on our products and our response are as described below.

Affected Products

TR-71wf/72wf (including -H and -S types), TR-75wf
TR-701AW/702AW (including -H type)

Potential Impact

The biggest risk can be loss or falsification of data, such as measurement data, sent by the affected products.
However, there is no concern about the risk of someone stealing your wireless LAN password or illegally accessing the internal network with this vulnerability.

* The firmware (a core part of the device) cannot be rewritten through unauthorized access.
* Even if the data destination setting is changed by the attack and the affected product(s) send data to an incorrect IP address in the internal network, the transmission interval will remain within the setting range, therefore attacks such as a DoS attack will not occur.

T&D Response

October 25, 2017
We’re currently discussing a firmware update for the affected products.
We’ll continue to update this page with the latest information.

Update on Nov.2
TR-71wf/72wf/72wf-H/72wf-S/75wf : Research completed; firmware update to be released soon
RTR-500AW : Under Research
TR-701AW/702AW/702AW-H : Under Research

Useful Links

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