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Recall Notice : High Precision Temperature/Humidity Sensor "HHA-3151"

Date Issued: August 18, 2015

T&D is announcing a recall of some of our high precision temp/humidity sensor HHA-3151 with which a problem has been found as described below.

Details of Problem

Humidity measurements of certain HHA-3151 sensors indicate deviation from the specifications below.

±2.5%RH [at 25°C, 10 to 85%RH]
±4.0%RH [at 25°C, 0 to 10%RH or 85 to 99%RH]

Recalled Product

High Precision Temperature/Humidity Sensor: HHA-3151

<T&D Models which contain HHA-3151>
TR-72wf-H, TR-72nw-H, TR-74Ui-H, RTR-574-H, TR-76Ui-H, RTR-576-H, TR-702NW-H, TR-702AW-H

Affected Serial Numbers

HHA-3151: 020247E4 - 020250F8

The serial number can be found on the back of the sensor case. (See [Location of the Serial Number])

By entering the 8-digit hexadecimal serial number in the box below and clicking "Check", it is possible to identify whether your sensor is part of the recall.



[Location of the Serial Number]

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Cause of Problem

Certain sensors have been exposed to phenol gas volatilized from the plug mold resin, and the properties of those sensors have changed.

Remedy for Problem

Please check the serial number of your sensor and if it is the affected serial number, contact the distributor from which you have purchased the product to get a replacement sensor.

About Calibrated Sensor

For the HHA-3151 sensor which has been calibrated, if the calibration result shows the correct measurement accuracy, it has no problem and does not need to be replaced regardless of its serial number.