Important Notice about Products


Important Notice about the ThermoWEB App and iOS 8 Compatibility

Date Issued: November 17, 2014

For users of the version 1.05 or lower of ThermoWEB* app for iOS who update their iOS device to iOS 8, some of the ThermoWEB* app functions will not function properly.
If you are using iOS 8, please update T&D Thermo* app to version 1.07 or above.
This does not affect users of smartphone OS other than iOS.

App name has been changed from "ThermoWEB" to "T&D Thermo" in Version 1.07.

Affected Products

ThermoWEB (for iOS) Versions 1.05 or lower

Restrictions (On iOS 8, when using ThermoWEB Version 1.05 or lower)

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Whether via direct wireless communication with TR-7wf or via T&D WebStorage Service, it is not possible to make the following settings from the ThermoWEB app: "Start Recording", "Warning Settings", "Auto-upload Interval", and "Time Settings".

Any attempt to use these functions may cause the application to freeze and require a manual restart.