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Defect Found

Report of Defect found in Web Data Recorder WDR-3

Date Issued: February 20, 2008

A defect has been found in Web Data Recorder WDR-3. For details, please see the following: We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience or trouble this may have caused and ask that our customers using WDR-3 download this script program and update as directed.

Affected Products

WDR-3 Serial NO : under 000152.

Updates are necessary for any verion of WDR-3 which has a serial number under 000152.

Details of the Problem

If “Polarity Change” has been selected as the Input Signal for Contact Input 1 and 2 in “Measuring Mode”, when the WDR-3 unit returns from a power failure, the analog input data from the point of power failure to the point of return will have been lost, but the data from the point of return will not have been lost and is possible for download.

Solution Details

The script update program (Version 1.16) released here will repair this defect.

Important Notice before carrying out the Update

  1. If you try to carry out the update using [admin] as the WDR-3 Administrator Login ID, it may result in failure. The Administrator Login ID can be changed from the [Network Settings Utility], which was installed when the main software program [WDR-3 for Windows] was installed. The newest version of [WDR-3 Settings Utility] can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. It is necessary that the WDR-3 unit to be updated and the computer that will be used for executing the update be connected to the same local network. WDR-3 units that are connected using a router to an outside network, such as the Internet, will not be updated properly, even though the program is executed correctly.
  3. This program can only be run using either Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP (including SP2) or Vista. Do not carry out installation operations using any other platform (operating system.)
  4. During the update installation, do not carry out any changes to WDR-3 settings or any data downloading.
  5. During the updating process, make sure not to turn off the power to the WDR-3. If during the updating process, the power is turned OFF, the WDR-3 may not continue to operate properly.
  6. If an error occurs during the updating process, please wait for some time and try a few more times. If after several attempts an error continues to occur, make sure that the program is not running and reboot the WDR-3.
  7. If you are trying to update using a wireless LAN and the update continued to end in failure, please change to a wired LAN system and try again.

Installation Procedure

  1. After downloading the Update Program, double click on [WDR3_Update_116E.exe] to start the installation process.
  2. By specifying the destination folder in which to save the decompressed file, the folders and files will automatically be decompressed and the update program [WDR-3 Update Ver.1.16 (2008/01) ] will be opened.
  3. If the update program [WDR-3 Update Ver.1.16 (2008/01)] does not run automatically, please double click on the [FrimScriptUD.exe] file in the folder where the file was decompressed.

Updating Procedure

This program actually contains two types of update programs, one to update the WDR-3 firmware and the other to update the main unit internal software (script).Both of these updates must be installed for the WDR-3 Logger to operate properly.

[Step1: Firmware Update]

  1. After the download file has been decompressed, the update program [WDR-3 Update Ver.1.16 (2008/01)] will automatically open and appear in the display.
  2. Enter the address (IP address or Domain Name) in the [Address] text box for the WDR-3 that is to be updated and in the [Login ID] and [Password] text boxes enter the registered Administrator ID and Password.
  3. After confirming that the entries are all correct, click the [Firmware Update] button.
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[Step2: Main Unit Internal Software Update]

  1. After the firmware update has been completed, carry out the Main Unit Internal Software (Script) Update. Without quitting the already opened update program [WDR-3 Update Ver.1.16 (2008/01)], click on the [Script Update] button
  2. Upon clicking the button, the same text boxes and entries for [Address], [Login ID] and [Password] that appeared when carrying out the firmware update will appear; make sure that the entries are correct.
  3. After confirming that the entries are all correct, click the [Script Update] button.

Download WDR-3 Script Update Program

Download WDR-3 for Windows