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Defect Found

To our customers using RTR-57U / RTR-57C to monitor Remote Groups which include RTR-53 Data Loggers

Date Issued: September 13, 2007

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The following provides information about a problem that occurs when are using our Handy Data Collector RTR-57U/RTR-57C (*1) to monitor Remote Unit Groups which include RTR-53 Data Loggers.

We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience or trouble this may have caused .

(*1) RTR-57C has been discontinued.

The problem occurs only when an RTR-53 Data Logger is a part of the Remote Group being monitored.

If a Remote Group does not include any RTR-53 Loggers, the current problem will have no effect.

Affected Device

RTR-57U/RTR-57C Main Unit Ver. 2.00 - 3.10

Situation in which the Problem Occurs

It has been found that when monitoring a Remote Group which includes an RTR-53 Logger and a wireless communication error occurs, the monitoring function will quit out during the next communication try.

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Monitoring Procedure

From the Main Menu in RTR-57U / RTR-57C Data Collector Display, start [WL Monitoring] . In the next screen, select the monitoring interval and the display range. Upon starting, communication begins and so does the search for Groups. Once a Group or Groups have been found, communication will occur with each Remote in the Group and the Current Readings will be displayed.

Normal Monitoring Display

When a Remote Unit communication error occurs, the display will show [- - - -].

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The search for the next Remote Unit will start.

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After one round of communication has been carried with all Remote Units in the Group, the screen will return to the Main Menu.

Problem Display

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The search for the next Remote Unit will not begin and the function will quit out.

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Once normal communication with RTR-53 has been restored, the monitoring function can be restarted and this problem will not occur.

Checking the Version of your RTR-57U

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When the power is turned on, the info for the main unit is shown for about 0.5 seconds. If the version is 2.00 - 3.10 the firmware needs to be repaired.

Units released after the firmware has been updated will be Ver 3.20 or higher.

Questions and Inquiries

For answers to any questions you may have about repair, please contact the agent from which you purchased the unit.