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Defect Found

Notice of a Firmware Problem found in Handy Data Collector RTR-57U

Date Issued: August 08, 2007

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The following explains problems and solutions for our customers who are using our Handy Data Collector RTR-57U in conjunction with our Voltage Logger RVR-52A to record event data.
We sincerely apologize to our customers for any inconvenience or trouble this may have caused and ask that our customers .

Affected Products

RTR-57U Main Unit Ver. 2.00 - 3.00

The problem occurs only when using RTR-57U and RVR-52A in Event Record Mode.

Situation in which the Problem Occurs

We have found that when the RTR-57U uses wireless communication to gather current readings from an RVR-52A which has been set to record Event Data and a wireless communication error occurs, the appropriate error message does not appear, but instead the current reading will appear as “HI” and the event time data will be for the most recent one when communication was working properly.

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Procedure for Gathering Current Readings
In the RTR-57U Main Menu, select [WL Gather Data] - Select the Remote(s) - [WL Remote Info].

Example of Normal Display

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The most recent recorded Event (edge info) is displayed.

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When a communication error occurs, the display will appear as follows:

Problem Display

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When a communication error occurs, even if the current reading should be [LOW], it will appear as [HI].

If wireless communication returns to normal, the display will also return to normal making it difficult to judge whether or not a problem has occurred, but if it has and the battery is removed from the Remote Unit the display will remain as above.

Checking the Version of your RTR-57U

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When the power is turned on, the info for the main unit is shown for about 0.5 seconds. If the version is 2.00 - 3.00 the firmware needs to be repaired.

Units released after the firmware has been updated will be Ver 3.20 or higher.