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January 27, 2011

Announcing the RTR-500 Series EU Version with 5 Language Support

T&D Corporation is proud to announce the release of the EU version of our Wireless Data Logging System: RTR-500 Series. All devices in the RTR-500 Series now support five languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.


Data Logger
RTR-501 (Internal Temperature Sensor Type)
RTR-502 (External Temperature Sensor Type)
RTR-503 (Temperature and Humidity)
RTR-574 (Illuminance, UV Intensity, Temperature and Humidity)

Data Collector
RTR-500GSM (Mobile Base Station:GSM communication)
RTR-500 (Mobile Base Station:USB connection)
RTR-500AW/NW (Network Base Station:LAN connection)



* By using the Data Collector devices listed above, it is possible to send or save data recorded by the Data Logger to an FTP server or to a set e-mail address.
* T&D WebStorage Service, our exclusive free web-based service, enables you not only to monitor the current readings in your browser, but also to view those measurements in a Trend Graph.

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