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May 19, 2010

Wireless Data Logging System RTR-500 Series (FCC Model for US)

May 21, 2010 marks the Addition of a New Revolutionary Series to our Product Lineup: The "Wireless Data Logging System: RTR-500 Series".

The "RTR-500 Series" provides a versatile set of devices that allow you to manage temperature and humidity data like never before; from places you never thought possible. Moreover, with three types of Data Logger and two types of Base Unit you can configure a system to meet your needs and environment.

The measuring and recording is taken care of by the loggers: the "RTR-501" with one internal temperature sensor, the "RTR-502" which uses one of our external temperature sensors, and/or the "RTR-503" with one channel for temperature and one for humidity.
The recorded data, current readings and warnings can then be easily retrieved via wireless communication by one of our Base Units: the "RTR-500 GSM" or the "RTR-500".

The "RTR-500GSM" with its built-in GSM networking capabilities makes it possible to collect data, check measurements and get warnings from almost anywhere at anytime, even from distant places where no conventional network environment can be set up.
The "RTR-500" utilizes a high-speed USB connection for direct PC access to recorded data, current measurements and warnings, all of which can be automatically sent via e-mail or FTP to designated places or persons.



* Send Warnings via SMS and E-mail
* Periodically Send Current Readings and/or Recorded Data via E-mail and FTP
* Connectable to External Power for Lorry Use
* Attach Location Info with GPS Function
* High Speed Wireless Communication
* The Wireless Communication range betwwn a Remote unit and a Base Unit, if unobstructed and direct, is about 500ft (150m)

Application Examples

* Place in freight vehicle to record and monitor temperature and humidity during transport
* Monitor and record temperature and humidity in distant places where LAN connection is impossible
* For Recording and Monitoring Temperature and Humidity in Factories and Buildings
* For Temperature and Humidity Management in Blood and Pharmaceutical Storage at Hospitals
* For Temperature Management of Refrigerated and Frozen Goods at Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

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